Attert Valley Nature Park, situated between Arlon and Martelange in the southern part of Luxembourg Province, covers a transition zone between Anlier Forest, on Ardenne soil, and the famous cuestas (homoclinal or hogback ridges) of Lorraine. This explains to a great extent its great environmental richness. The contours of the park, which was created in 1994, match up exactly with the town limits of Attert, meaning 7,095 ha and a population of 5,200.

Carte du Parc naturel de la Vallée de l'Attert (afficher en grand)

The Attert Valley is a place of relaxation just made for green tourism. The signposted trails that criss-cross the valley are an excellent way to discover the various landscapes and seventeen villages and hamlets that make up the park. Its architectural heritage is also extremely interesting, and the village of Nobressart is ranked “one of the most beautiful villages in Wallonia”.

The park’s information centre, located in Attert, is also an excellent place to find out where to sleep, eat, and hike. In addition, it houses the visitors’ centre called “Journey to the Heart of the Attert”, that is, an educational path to discover the Attert Valley and Lorraine country.